Monserrat Barbosa

Monse is terrier-iffic!

Being a dog mom since the age of 6 when she got her first Shih-Tzu as her own baby in the small town of San Ysidro, Monse always felt like dogs were more than just dogs to her. They were her four legged family members. It was always in her, to take matters into her own paws & come to the rescue to any helpless baby to the best of her capabilities & help rehabilitate them back to a healthy state. Not really knowing what direction to take for her life path, Monse tried it all... keeping in mind that the only thing consistent in her life was her love for animals, especially dogs. Monse finally stepped into the right path when she became a Pooper Scooper Technician for a company called “Rough Doodie” for such a “shitty” job, it really opened her eyes and mind to the limitless world of dogs. She became heavily interested in dog nutrition, especially with commercial vs holistic biological appropriate foods for dogs; as she saw how much dog diet varies, especially after seeing all kinds of consistencies of dog poops (gotta love dogs lol!). To this day she cooks and meal preps for her dogs ensuring a quality life for her fur babies. Monse’s love for dogs got fur real, fur real after getting hired at Dexters Deli, an all natural pet store. Acquiring expanded knowledge from there, she still felt a bit lost as to what direction to go next. However, the only thing that kept fueling her was the passion she still had for dogs. Now, it is said that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. That is exactly what happened to Monse next. Never did Monse imagine she would be walking into the career of her dreams when walking into Gabriel Feitosa’s grooming salon for “just another job in the dog world”. Now, never had she groomed in her life aside from cutting tangles off of her own pooches. So when she walked into Gabriel’s salon, her world went from black & white Dog Groomer to colorful Pet Stylist. This is where Monse knew she could use all she ever learned and continue to grow her love and passion for these furry best friend of hers. Monse will furever be grateful for all that has come into her life: the good, the bad, & the ugly. She now has a life due diligence to give back to the doggos just as much as they’ve given to her.

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