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Here is where you can find all my dog grooming work for publicity campaigns, between the years 2011 till 2015. I had the opportunity of being invited to do several tutorials for the most relevant dog grooming magazines and books of the brazilian industry.

​I also groomed several dogs for publicity campaigns and dog food, snacks packaging and others. All this work was realized in a partnership with the internationally rewarded animal photographer Johnny Duarte, who also sign most part of the pictures you will find in this website. During the year of 2015 I was invited for grooming demonstration on tv shows and  produced the Standard Poodle Rica for the music video of the brazilian famous singer Valesca Popozuda.

On the pictures below you will find the dogs I groomed for magazine covers, billboards and my image that was used monthly for two years advertising and representing Unipet, the largest grooming school franchise of South America where I taught grooming for 4 years and contributed significantly to their curriculum.   


In America I have been featured in all most relevant magazines and websites of the industry like Pets+ Mag,

Pet Business, Pet Age, Pet Product Business and on the Covid 19 times a video for teaching pet parents how to groom their pets at home. 

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