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Parson Terrier Before
Parson Terrier After

Very few groomers are able to execute handstripping properly and guide their clients through the process, the sessions should be done weekly or the most every two weeks, its like a sculpture and it just gets prettier and prettier every time. Well now the search is over, contact me and lets start taking care of your best fur friend the way it should be.


The handstripping is a treatment not a haircut. To achieve strong color and coat strenght, it must be completely removed from the hair folicle and not be trimmed. To remove the coat from the skin specially with a coat that is overgrown you might see some transparency (skin showing) and/or mild redness in the next few times. That indicates the coat was pulled properly and it was not trimmed.


Maintenance session (max every 6 weeks) of stripped coat starts at $195 for small dogs and an average of $250+ for larger dogs. 


First time clients or overgrown coats must do a in person consultation for pricing that will vary with the condition of the coat.

  A technique that consists on pulling the hair from the skin using handstripping tools or fingers. Its used on dogs with the wire coat and its necessary to preserve the natural and desired texture of those respective breeds. When realized often and correctly it will give them a very sharp look, great texture, intense colors and preserve the skin health, without using clippers or scissors. It has to be done since the beginning otherwise once the hair is shaved or clipped several times, it can become very soft and silky and impossible to recover its original aspect. 

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