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Grooming - Show Cuts

Are you looking for something more then a pet trim? Thinking about the dog owners that want their buddy's looking like a champion or a example of its breed I decided to offer the show grooming service for everybody. Several handlers only trim the dogs that they are showing, so if you are a owner-handler or breeder that wants to show your own dog but for any reason can't groom it, this can be a amazing deal. During my career I obtained experience with several dog breeds and their show procedures, below there's a list of available services.

  • Maintenance and show trim for long haired dogs. This kind of hair requires mainly discipline and hard work to keep them always in good condition and free of mats. Procedures as oil conditioning, wraping, whitening and color enhancing are also available. Some pictures of previews work below and on the gallery, for more information about my experience with long haired show dogs click here.

  • Maintenance and show trim for Poodles. These guys can be very hard to maintain and find someone to trim them properly especially the standard size. Well it seems like this is the end of your problems, with me you can find all the procedures from maintenance to any show cut you want to make your dog a superstar.

Poodle Puppy Trim
Poodle Continental Trim
Poodle Scandinavian trim
poodle toy continental trim by Gabriel f
Standard Poodle Cut maintenance
Poodle Continental Maintenace
  • Show trim for Bichon Frise. The hardest part about this breed is finding balance and proportion with its haircut without looking extreme or over trimmed. We have all the necessary procedures from whitening to the show trim, check it out.

Bichon Frise Trim San Diego
Bichon Frise profile by Gabriel Feitosa.
Bichon Frise trim San Diego
Bichon Frise cut San Diego
  • Show trim and grooming for Shetland Shepherds and Collies. They need to look  natural as possible, but if you have a hard time making your show dog look like a Special, bring it to me. All the procedures for color enhancing, whitening, make up, groom and trim are available. 

Grooming sheltie san diego
Grooming Sheltie San Diego
Grooming Collie San Diego
Groomer Collie San Diego
  • Show trim for Kerry Blue Terriers. These ones have a very unique fur texture, but here you can find the correct trim and treatment for their coat to look shiny curly and ready for the show time.

Kerry Blue Grooming San Diego
Kerry Blue Groomer San Diego
Kerry Blue San Diego Grooming
  • Show trim for Bedlington Terriers. Unique hair and body shape, bring your Bedlington and find the best hair tratments and trim to make it look like a champion!

Bedlington Terrier groomer san diego
Grooming Bedlington San Diego
Kerry Blue Terrier Groomer San Diego
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