I always loved animals and love what I do. My goal is always the costumer satisfaction, here you can find all kind of trims, asian cuts, creative cuts, show treatments, handstripping, conditioning and hair growth for show purposes. 

Pet Cuts
Show Cuts
Clean Club

The best choice for a day to day haircut, from common cuts to the asian or creative style, here you will got always what you expect, your pet looking  nice clean and fresh. 

Bring your dog to look like a champion and have a good time showing your best friend yourself!

Great option for owner handlers that have a furry pure breed dog but doens`t know how to trimm properly for conformation shows. 

Join the cleanest and fluffiest pet grooming club in town, check out our amazing deals and keep your best friend  looking cute and cuddly all the time!

Registration and pricing available at the shop after evaluation


You own a wire coated dog and have trouble finding someone to groom properly? Well your problems are over, bring your buddy for a nice Handstripping session to get the right look! 

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Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning

Keep up your fur baby's oral health

with professionals with over 12 years of experience and over 24,000 cleanings! No more bad breath and dirty teeth.