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    Dog Shows

      My journey at the dog show world started when I was the age of sixteen  working at the world famous  terrier breeder, Victor Malzoni Jr, of the Hampton Court kennel located on Itatiba - SP- BR  where I worked for two years as a groomer assistant and could learn a lot about handstripping and handling.   Having the international all breed judge Mario Duarte as my mentor I had the opportunity on having grooming classes with the world famous terrier handler Gabriel Rangel, the wire fox terrier breeder and handler Santiago Pinto and others.


Gabriel Feitosa on Hampton Court
Gabriel Feitosa and Gabriel and Ivonne Rangel during CBKC Dogshow on Rio de Janeiro
Santiago Pinto and Hampton court / Dynasty - Dog Groomers

The experience and the networking on the Hampton Court opened a lot of opportunities n my grooming career and I could work and learn with different well-known breeders like

  • Leandro Levendosk (Bichon Frisés, Poms, Shih-Tzus and Cavaliers - LeVendosk Kennel),

  • Andrea Macedo (Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Terrier- Luna Piena Kennel),

  • Paloma Pegorer (Chinese Cresteds, Brussels Griffons and Pulis - Lapinus kennel),

  • Gloria Fernandez (Poodles and Golden Retriever - Gladiators Kennel)

  • Roberta Moretto (Lhasa Apsos - Rmoretto Cane Kennel)

  • Mario Duarte (Scottish Terrier - Dynasty Kennel)

  • Sharon Stevens  (Poodle Toy -  Poodle Standard and Chinese Crested - Sharbelle Kennel)

  • Vitor Lopes Cavasin (Poodle Toy - Cuna del Renascimento Kennel)

Gabriel Feitosa and Levendosk Isabella
Gabriel Feitosa and Ch.Lapinus Atomium
Gabriel Feitosa and Luna Piena Yorkies
Gabriel Feitosa and Lhasa Apso Rmoretto Cane
Gabriel Feitosa and Dynasty Scottish
Chinese Crested Grooming San Diego
Gabriel Feitosa and Gladiotors Poodle
Poodle top knot sandiego dog groomer gabriel feitosa

On the year of 2015 the breeder Leandro Levendosk introduced me to the world famous  Paul Flores and Tray Pittman  (Paray Kennel - Bichon Frisés and Shetland Shepherds) who invited me to come to The U.S. as an apprentice to learn and study dog structure, handling and grooming on a higher level of understanding movement dynamic.

Gabriel Feitosa and Paray team

   July of 2017 I moved down to the San Diego area and started to work with the AKC Judges Sharon and Ray Stevens of the Sharbelle Kennel - Poodles and Cresteds where I can apply my knowledge and develop my handling and show grooming skills everyday

Chinese crested grooming and handling services
Dog Groomer Gabriel Feitosa and Sharon Stevens at the santa barbara dog Show
Chinese Crested Handling and dog grooming
Poodle Grooming and Handling

On December of 2017 I took a trip all the way to Colombia for a week of grooming classes with the amazing top handler, dog groomer Vitor Leonardo Lopes Cavasin also owner of the internationally renowned Poodle toy Kennel Cuna del Renascimento.

Continental Poodle trim dog grooming
Continental poodle trim dog groomer san diego
Continental poodle trim dog groomer san diego

Check out some pictures below of shows in Brazil and United States:

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