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Pet Cuts

Now you finaly have a chance to get your pet with the look you`ve always wanted. You can have all kind of hair treatment, conditioning, detangling or even a pop of color if you are looking for something more fashion and unusual.


You can choose from a usual day to day haircut to a cute teddy bear or asian style, below there`s a list of the most trendy grooming styles in case you want to try something new.

  • Asian Fusion cuts. For any kind of dogs (the long haired dogs, poodles and bichons are the ones that looks the best on this style). Its great to keep your dog with a nice look in the summer because it keeps the coat of the body very short and fresh for them to go through the heat. On the winter time it looks nice with outfits avoiding mats that usually happen with hairy dogs when they wear clothes. Its one of my favorite looks and is a world wide trend.

Poodle in a Asian Fusion Cut
Yorkshire in Asian Cut
  • Poodle German and Modern Style cuts. Its basically a scissoring poodle cut with some extra style and technique to achieve the elegant look of the breed on a pet version. The German or Terrier Style consists on giving the usual cut a look a little bit more masculine, the ears are shaved down or very short and the tail is made on a carrot shape just like a terrier, and its super cool! The Modern Style that is also allowed on dog shows have a very similar body shape of the German Style but the ears are long and the tail is shaped like a puff ball as the traditional poodle look.

Toy Poodle German Style
Poodle Modern Style with braided ears
  • Teddy Bear or Boo Cut is inspired on the internationally famous dog called Boo, if you are a Pomeranian owner, you probably have seen him at someplace or maybe he is even the reason that you decided to have a Pomeranian, however, now you can have the famous teddy bear look on your best friend. 

pomeranian trim san diego
Pomeranian boo cut san diego
  • Creative Style. Wanna unusual and fashion cut? Anything is possible with the right coat texture, the fluffy coated dogs look the best on this style because allows me to play with shape and forms around their body while on straight coats all we can do is some pops of color here and there. I personally love those, they will always look very exclusive! 

Amazing creative grooming san diego
Creative groominh gabriel feitosa san diego
Bichon frise show trim san diego
Yorkshire groom san diego
Handstripping San Diego


 All the grooming procedures start with a bath using only the best dog cosmetic line in the world, it makes my life easier and your friend prettier (and smelling super nice). 

 All services include:

  • Chamomile Facial

  • Color Enhancing Shampoo

  • Grapeseed Oil Conditioner

  • Ears cleaned and checked 

  • Hand dry/ fluffy brush out 

  • Nails trim and grinded 

  • Sanitary and Paw Pad Trim

  • 10 mins of free Dematting -if needed

  • Anal Glands -upon request


Bath Only Pricing (starting at)

  • Extra Small                                                              $55

  • Small                                                                        $65

  • Medium                                                                   $75-$95

  • Large                                                                       $95-$120

  • Extra Large                                                             $120-$250

Full Haircut Pricing (starting at)

  • Extra Small                                                              $125

  • Small                                                                       $125-$135

  • Medium                                                                   $145-$165

  • Large                                                                       $195-$250

  • Extra Large                                                             $250+

Add on Services

  • Teeth brushing                                                       $10

  • Deep Coat Conditioner                                            $40+

  • Ayurveda                                                                 $25-$40       

  • Dematting                                                               $1 per Minute 

  • Face, Feet and Booty trim                                       $25

       (open up the eyes, round paws and scissor booty)

  • Activated Charcoal Detox Mud                                $40+

  • Flea Bath                                                                 $15-$25


Pet Dye

  • Ears, tail, feet, or Mohawk                                         $55

  • 2 Areas                                                                      $75

  • All 3 Areas                                                                 $115

  • Ombre Effect 2 colors                                                $25 extra

  • Mohawk                                                                     $25 extra

  • Coat Carving + Basic Color                                        $65                                                              Small Shape - Heart, Star, Flower (no carving)         $55 or *$40 add on

  • Creative Transformation starts at                              $500

  • Creative Transformation (Gabriel Feitosa) starts at    $650

Changed your mind? Something came up?

We require a 48 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment, last minute cancelation or no-show will be charged a $45 fee.

First time with us?

First time clients must call the store to verify vaccination records up to date. Additionally we require a non-refundable deposit of $25 dollars that will go towards your appointment. The deposit must be completed via the phone or in person. If this is your first time with us the online request cannot be submitted. After your first appointment you may use the online booking system.                     Contact us (619)230-5350

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