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Pet Boutique

We are so proud to announce  our new space is already operating! Yay!  The new space is fully climatized, modern, with a cage free area with fresh grass, a new grooming room, self wash*, original oil paintings, mapping projection (whaaaat??) and packed with the coolest stuff for your fur baby, not to mention windows that are an eye candy, elevating North Park with a new concept.


While designing the new space and growing our roots in North Park we had to come up with a concept that would reflect our vision. How do we wanted the client to feel while walking in? The answers to that question were vital to decide what to do with our rebranding and expansion of our current grooming business.


Our ultimate goal was to make shopping for fur friend an experience that you can both enjoy, and remember. Our selection of rain coats, velour jackets, shirts, hoodies, toys are all hand selected. We offer a nice selection of the most natural dog treats, dog food, dog birthday cakes, dog cupcakes, dog ice cream (swell gelato) and much more. Our store is not just for the dogs but also for the dog fanatics too ;)  you will find the cutest gifts for any dog lover, from candles with cute dog quotes, to books, signs, pillows, original merch and more. 


Poolside Quandary by Claire Huber

With the ultimate fur baby shopping experience in mind we wanted to have real art around the store, when looking for ideas we came across the "Poolside Quandary" Oil on Canvas Painting by Claire Huber and it fit like a glove, we had to be the home for this fine art which is currently displayed at the store, stop by to take a look and the wow feeling is guaranteed ;)

Best Schnauzer Groomer San Diego
Best Dog Grooming in San Diego

Our grooming has never been an ordinary grooming shop, supervised by the Dog Grooming celebrity Gabriel Feitosa, internationally awarded and sponsored by all the biggest grooming brands world wide, our professionals always strive for the best quality service, using only what is best available in the business, from the best tools, products, and under constant training our team will bring the best in your dog. So improving something that was already great we decided to add a new scissoring and finishing room, where is  more calm and quiet without so much noise from the dryers where your baby can relax while is pampered in a top notch space with original art by Gabriel himself, music, climatized and light up tables with a extended cage free/relief area with weekly delivered fresh patches of grass, beds and fresh water from a fountain. Our original grooming area  also got revamped, climatized and new floors :)

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